Retired laptops for Ukrainian Refugees

Retired laptops for Ukrainian Refugees

Laser Computers are looking for retired laptops for Ukrainian refugees. We’ve done over thirty machines to date thanks to customers’ donations and our own stock, but now we’re running low.

Our process here in the workshop includes removal of the original drive for destruction and subsequent WEEE disposal and replacement with a new, more modern solid state drive. Donors have our full assurance that no personal data will escape this process.

Laptops are then cleaned, tested, upgraded if possible and dispatched with a warranty to the refugees in the various Dublin hotels where they’re staying. They’re delighted to get them for keeping in touch with home, for homework, for job / PPS number applications etc.

We are not picky about age or condition, we can fix up pretty much anything here, and we have lots of parts, including power adapters.

Contact Nikki to find out more.