IT Services

Hardware Repairs

Smashed your laptop or mac screen? Spilled a drink on your keyboard? We’ve got a quick turnaround time and competitive rates for hardware repair.

Hardware Upgrades

Computer getting slow, unreliable? We’ve go the solution, whether it’s a hard disk or ram upgrade or a complete trade in deal, we can come up with a solution that fits your budget.

Software Upgrades

We’re expert at getting to the bottom of version compatibility / Windows upgrade issues, we’ve seen most before.

Remote Support

Many issues can be sorted out using our professional remote support tool, which gives us one time access to your system in order to fix it without compromising your data security and saving you a trip to the workshop. Increasingly popular this year.

Virus Removal

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of hacking and virus victims and we’re fairly expert at doing both the clean up, data retrieval and then teaching best practice to prevent re-occurrence.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve got some great data recovery tools which have saved the day for lots of relieved customers. We also partner with a data recovery lab who have even better tools than ours, and a very high success rate.


We’ve got all sorts of equipment available for rental, including projectors, printers and screens.

Network Maintenance

From fixing domestic broadband issues right up to Server and NAS installations – we strive to deliver efficient, cost effective solutions which will serve our clients for years to come.

Encryption / Data Backup

We have a suite of solutions for your data security, from basic to ultra secure.