Remote Support

Here at Laser we like to be sure all of our customers are happy all the time, so if you go home or back to the office with your newly repaired computer and you encounter any difficulties

If you’d just rather not make the trek to our workshop in Dundrum with your faulty machine, just give us a ring anytime between 10am and 6pm and you can use our remote support tool here to let one of our engineers have a look at your issue

We can’t always fix the issue remotely, but having a quick look will allow us to give you an estimate of the severity of the problem before you get here.

If you do allow us access to the machine, our engineers will only have access for the duration of your call. As soon as the link is disconnected we can’t connect again without a new access code or password.

There is no charge for this service except in the case of a completely new issue being resolved over the phone, which would normally incur our minimum charge of €25.00.